Fuhong BBQ Restaurant – Burwood

Fuhong in Burwood is one of my favourite restaurants to eat Chinese BBQ meats and rice, and I’ll tell you 5 reasons why

1. Free soup and tea – As soon as you sit down, a bowl of steaming pork bone, carrot and pear soup is brought over for the table and no matter how dodgy it looks, I also take comfort in thatΒ homely taste and feeling

2. Flavour & SauceΒ – They are generous with their sauce, which is drizzled over the meat and oozes through to the rice, which makes for delicious mouthful after mouthful without ever a bland moment. They is also a serve of flavoursome shallot oil on the side.

3. BBQ Pork sliced super thin – One of the worst things about eating BBQ pork is having a really chunky piece and having to gnaw on it, despite it’s really great flavour. At Fuhong, I have noticed on a couple of occasions that they cut the BBQ pork so nice and thinly that it’s a pleasure to eat.

4. Portion Sizes – Portions are great here. Never lacking any meat, super generous with the rice (as a good asian restaurant should) and a lovely side of greens to balance it all out.

5. No frills – Come in, eat and leave. No need for formalities, no need to call a waiter over for the bill. When you’re done, just pay at the counter and your off to the rest of your wonderful day since you’ve just topped yourself on some great bbq rice!


Fuhong Barbecue Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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