Koi Dessert Bar – Chippendale, Sydney

Review of 4-course dessert set menu $65pp – Winter 2016


I was so excited walking towards Koi. I felt like a kid going to a candy shop, except this candy shop was an expensive gourmet dessert bar and I forget that I could not longer eat a series of sweet things without feeling guilty/sick (although I had full trust in Reynold that he would foresee this and create a balanced meal).

First Course 

I will straight out say this was the first and my favourite dish in the entire series (maybe because it was the first one and I had not got tired of sugar by this stage … but objectively it was a beautiful dessert). It was called ‘something sweet and something savoury’ and was an incredible smoooooth dish in terms of flavour and texture. The icrecream was creamy, the powders were cool on your tongue and melted together. There was a really earthy taste coming from the mushroom flavours and artichoke shards but it was very subtle and worked well with the sweet elements. I liked this because it was a very different to dessert to anything I had ever tried before and it successfully experimented with new flavours.


Second Course

The famous “moss” dessert, which of course was amazing (my 2nd favourite dish of the night). It was just so pretty and the chocolate outer of the ball was tempered so nicely that you could just sit in on your tongue and let it melt away, giving you a mouth full of matcha goodness. I loved the fresh edition of the sorbet and that clear jelly like gel was absolutely amazing. It packed so much fruity flavour into what looks like a droplet of water and really stood out on this dish! The ball itself had a nice mousse inside but was overall quite dense and we all started feeling the effects of ‘too much dessert’ upon getting through about 75% of this plate.


Third Course

Third course was weird. It was very very similar to the second course in terms of flavour. Obviously it’s missing a gigantic moss ball but it was replaced by the matcha ice-cream. The moss sponge was replaced by the black sesame sponge and the white powder was still there, since course 1 (and will appear again in course 4). We were so incredibly full by this stage that this seemed to be a struggle to get through EVEN THOUGH it would’ve objectively been a beautiful 9 or 10/10 dessert on its own after any savoury meal.


Fourth Course

You may be thinking, if you already died at third course .. why bother staying for the fourth? Well, apart from the fact that each course cost a heck of a lot and no way was I not getting my money worth, despite diminishing marginal utility, the fourth dessert managed to make a comeback! It was surprising to see it on a winter menu as it was very summery in spirit – yoghurt in the form of iced powder and mango flavours were refreshing and not too sweet. It was a nice light dish to finish the meal on. The only negative for me (personally) was the ‘surprise’ in this dish, which was actually popping candy, which I am not a fan of. I tried to spot where the popping candy was and tried to avoid scooping up any but that turned out to be impossible 1) because they were invisible and 2) because they were everywhere like mines – but other than that it was great!


Needless to say we still all died after this meal from a sugar coma and headed straight for KFC across the road for some salty fries and nuggets.

 KOI Dessert Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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