Miso – World Square, Sydney CBD

Review of Dinner at Miso Japanese Restaurant in World Square, Sydney CBD

Miso falls under the Masuya restaurant family and is well known for its generous bento box sets – in fact, why would you bother coming here for anything else? With a group of 6 arriving after 6pm, we knew it would be hard to get a table. We took a ticket at 6:10pm and waited until 6:40 when our ticket was called #toughlife.

The restaurant is simple and clean with quick and fuss-free service. You’ll get to choose the main protein of your meal and whether you want a set with an bowl of udon or a different array of sides.

I ordered the “popular” No. 14 – Charashi Sushi and Tonkatsu Set for $21.80, which is not cheap but it came with everything I ever wanted. The beautiful thing about this set was the salmon that you can get raw, half cooked or fully cooked. I recommend half or fully cooked because you get that beautiful smoky/seared taste just like a salmon aburi. I enjoyed the batter of the tonkatsu but found the meat not as juicy or tender as I expected from other reviews. It was still incredibly satisfying and I loved the edition of the potato salad, greens and dessert of yoghurt! My only pet peeve was the rice under the salmon. In this set, the entire bowl of rice is sushi rice, which means that there was this constant sour-tangy taste of sushi vinegar… for me, I would have preferred just plain white rice.


You can also get this dish in its variation with sashimi instead of tonkatsu (if fried things or pork is not your thing)


More bento! In different variations. The main difference is the combination of sides, which makes every choice interesting and exciting. The other appeal of this restaurant which attracts so many people is the sheer delight you get upon receiving your tray. It looks amazing and offers so much variety you have no idea where to start! But once you do, you don’t even realised how much you’re eating until you finish everything.


Miso Japanese Restaurant, a once a  year treat?

 Miso Japanese Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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