Cafe D’or – Burwood

Review of Lunch at Cafe D’Or on Burwood Road, Burwood

Been here twice and left on both occasions full and happy because the food is just yummy. It’s not groundbreaking masterchef quality but it is hearty and packed with a lot of flavour and variety. Lunch times were not too busy and seating is spacious with indoor and outdoor options and plenty of room for large groups.

I love their lunch menu plates, which are roughly $20 but super generous in portion size.

Mixed Plate #1

Mixed Plate #1 is a vegetarian option with two of the biggest falafel balls i’ve seen, cauliflower which had the most wonderful grilled flavour and was seasoned simply with salt. There were two pieces of grilled eggplant which were moist and delicious, as well as two vine leaves stuffed with rice, fatoush (a salad of tomato, cucumber, lettuce and crispy fried pieces of bread) and a rich and velvety serving of hummus. I really enjoyed wrapping different combinations of food in my endless supply of pita bread. If you don’t have a big appetite, I think this could comfortably satisfy two people, provided you just kept eating bread.

Another option for two people are the mixed plates on the main menu, which are almost twice the price but come with additional sides including cheese sambousic (cheese in pastry), two dips (hummus AND babaganoush, which was such a welcomed addition to the plate) and two blocks of feta (which, unfortunately, really didn’t do anything for anyone on the table).

Vege d’or

Although the cheese pastries were delicious, I don’t think it justified doubling the price to get this plate from the full menu (unless you had no choice and were coming here for dinner). Would definitely recommend ordering from the lunch menu if you can because that’s were the most value for money is at.

If you’re coming alone for lunch, or would just like a simple no-fuss meal, there are wraps on offer that come with chips.

Batinjen Roll

This may look very sad but it was actually quite nice inside, with slices of fried eggplant and, diced potatoes, parsley, tomato and lettuce. Also, the chips were a +1 because they were crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.

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