Sakae Dining – Eastwood

There are a few Japanese Restaurants in Eastwood, but only a few worth going to in my opinion. For lunch deal bentos, options include Sakae Dining, next to King’s Seafood Restaurant; Ichiraku, behind Eastwood library. For Sushi, I love Sushi Arigato. For Ramen, I recommend Zenya.

I have been to both Sakae and Ichiraku. Sakae offers $13.50 bentos for lunchtimes with a variety of options including grilled Mackerel, teriyaki fish/chicken and katsus. Ichiraku has their menu starting from $10.80 and increasing with more expensive options. Sakae’s bentos come with green tea, three slices of sashimi, salad, potato salad, a mini spring roll plus rice and miso soup. Ichiraku’s comes with three pieces of baby tuna sushi, salad, rice and miso soup.

The karage chicken was juicy, tender and delicious, as per usual. Karage chicken has never disappointed me before.

Sakae: Tori Kara-age Bento

The mackerel took a while to come, understandably so as they were grilling it made to order. It was lightly salted on the outside but I found the meat quite tough and bland. Another thing about mackerel is there were too many small tiny bones which made it quite difficult to eat and less enjoyable.

Sake: Yakizakana ‘Grilled Makerel’ Bento

There was a stage in my life where I would never dream of ordering the salad at a restaurant because you’re paying premium for leaves. But I did feel like a nice fresh salad that day and their ‘tofu & seaweed salad‘ really won me over. It looks horribly simple and boring on the plate, but once I drizzled the sesame dressing over it and mixed it all up, it was tasty, zesty, fresh and surprisingly filling!

Tofu & Seaweed Salad

My favourite Japanese restaurant for bento boxes is still Manmaruya – in Campsie, Hurstville and Ashfield – but for Eastwood, Sakae on the corso is not a bad option.

Sakae Dining Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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