Lucky Suzie – Darlinghurst

Review of Dinner at Lucky Suzie

Firstly, who is Suzie? We don’t know. Secondly, why is she lucky? No idea. But we do know that Lucky Suzie is a non-traditional Malaysian restaurant/bar in Darlinghurst (i.e. the cooler part of Sydney). I tried four dishes that nice, plus a Wattle Cola (light cola with a lot of spices).

To start off, I ordered the Bao Wow. And what a wonderful choice! I would recommend this little bao to start off any meal because it comes quickly (to satisfy your hunger) and comes with a beautifully taste and incredibly juicy piece of fried chicken with salted egg mayo (you can taste the little granules of salted egg – C did not like the grainy feel but I enjoyed the texture) with sprinkles of fried opinion on top, a serving of fresh and spicy asian slaw on the bottom ALL wrapped up in a soft and freshly steamed bao. Mouthwatering!

Bao Wow $8

Then came everyone’s favourite – Char Kway Teow.Β It came with traditional ingredients including thin rice noodles stir fried with prawns, egg, bean sprouts and chinese sausage. According to my fellow Malaysian diner, it wasn’t completely authentic, but it was still passable in taste. In other words, not authentic butΒ nevertheless very tasty and satisfying just like the real thing.

Standard Char Kway Teow $17

We were tossing up between the fried chicken or the Charcoal Grilled Chicken and decided on the latter. It had a really nice and spicy (on the tangy side, like sambal) paste on it’s charcoal skin. The chicken was just cooked and really soft and tender inside. It was pretty hard to cut and I had to resist the temptation of picking it up and eating it by the bone. This would work lovely with rice or roti, but I think rice more because the flavours would really do with some neutral taste without the excess oil.

Charcoal Chicken $17

Lastly was the famous ABC #2 dessert. Shaved ice with various Malaysian jellies, gula malaca syrup, condensed milk and a beautiful ball of pandan ice-cream on top. I really appreciated this pandan ice-cream because itΒ had a really rich and authentic flavour and creaminess. The dessert is smaller than appears on the camera but it was enough to share between two people.


Overall, Lucky Suzie is a tasty place to chill and dine in Darlinghurst with interesting drink choices. I found the food to be good, but the price to be too expensive, especially for dishes like Char Kway Teow, which are done really well in other places – like Ho Jiak, or $8 for that Bao Wow, which is too ridiculous in my opinion.

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