Chicken Institute – Surry Hills

Chicken Institute sounds like a fast food chain that sells buckets of chicken. In fact, it is a hip little restaurant with an interesting Korean/American influence, which also sells buckets of chicken!


They have a wide variety of flavours including the Damn Good Fried Chicken (original); sticky; peri peri; garlic and peanut butter. I had tried the original, spicy, sticky and peanut butter.

I found the original to be good, but boring. The spicy was a good alternative to original for all of you who need spice in your life. The sticky was a great fun choice because it was sweet and gooey but also had a layer of crunchy batter and juicy chicken on the inside. What stood out for me though, was the peanut butter chicken because it was different and memorable! Don’t be off-put, it’s not as heart-attack heavy as it sounds, it really just tastes a bit like Satay!

At $22-24 a bucket (for around 6 decent sized pieces), I would definitely call this a once in a blue moon occasion, as KFC does a pretty good bucket-o-chicken for a lot cheaper.

A really interesting side that you’d never find at a KFC is their Kimchi Poutine! Genius idea really, it combined everything great from poutine – fries, gravy, cheese – and adds on a korean favourite Kimchi. The effect is a great balance of the heavily salty poutine items with the nice pickle taste of kimchi. The cheese used on this was also shaved super finely which made eating it more enjoyable.


Chicken institute also offered their take on a classic Korean Bibimbap. This was definitely the healthiest thing on the menu – it used purple rice and an assortment of vegetables with no meat. There was an egg yolk in the middle and chilli sauce (not too spicy at all) drizzled over the top. You had the pleasure of mix mix mixing it before chowing it down! It was a really light dish in terms of flavour but also filling because it had the carbs in rice form, and a great break away from the fried foods.


Chicken Institute – it has an interesting and experimental menu and gets pretty packed on busy nights. It’s worth trying if you’re in that area, or if you’re an avid fried chicken fan.

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