Thai Place – Epping, NSW

The Thai Place on the main strip of Epping does this amazing lunch deal – classic Thai dishes from $7.50 (a bit more for meat of course, but can still get a decent meal for under $10). It’s a gem of a place and does a lot of takeaway and deliveries as well.

Dining inside is not bad either, as the restaurant has a very nice and cozy feel – check it out:


I ordered three classic dishes – which makes it easier to compare this restaurant to others. All lunch menu dishes also come with your choice of a spring roll or curry puff. They’re really small, with the spring roll stuffed with vermicelli and the curry puff made with puff pastry, however, it was satisfying nonetheless.


Chicken Pad See Ew

This is the safest dish – nothing can go wrong with a Pad See Ew ever! This pad see ew was a little bit on the sweet and saucy side, but I loved the wide flat noodles and theย flavour.(On a side note, I did try their Pad Thai once and found it way too sweet – too much tomato sauce).ย There was an abundance of chicken pieces, but I would’ve preferred the chicken to be in smaller pieces. Still, at $9.50 with a large portion, this was excellent value. img_1428

Red Curry with Chickenย 

Not sure if it is the best idea to put rice in a plate full of sauce.. I liked the subtle red curry flavour. It was smooth and creamy and lovely to eat with rice. The variety of vegetables were colourful and cooked really well, still preserving a bit of its natural crispness. I believe I have gotten a red duck curry during dinner from their full menu, but this wasn’t available for lunch – would highly recommend the red duck curry! This lunch time curry is good too, though ๐Ÿ™‚


Stir Fry Chilli Basil with Seafoodย 

Again, the same vegetables, but this chilli basil stir fry was so spicy! Yes, I definitely needed a glass of water to help wash this chilli out of my tastebuds!ย Aside from the spice, (as a side note, this would be wonderful for chilli lovers), the flavour was amazing. It could be considered a bit on the salty side, which makes the rice essential. I did find a bone in one of the fish pieces in there, though, so be careful!


The Thai Place has everything to satisfy your Thai cravings for the one of the best value in Sydney. Of course, the quality wont be up there with Holy Basil or Green Peppercorn, but for ~$10,ย it’s a great local choice for casual and fast dining in a comfortable setting with friendly service.

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