Queen’s Bakery – Eastwood

Are you in need of a birthday cake? Are you sick of getting the same old cake every year? (Not BreadTop again, *groan*) Well .. Queen’s Bakery does provide really affordable Asian cake options – butΒ I still can’t recommend it as a place to get a cake for someone you care about.


Firstly, it looks OK (I personally would not have put the strawberry/blueberry combination on an orange cake .. colours contrasted too much but just being picky). At $18 for a large cake, it’s a damn good deal. Pictured above is the Mango Mousse cake, which also came in Taro and Honeydew (the taro was SO artificially purple that it put me off buying it, whilst I could imagine the artificial taste of honeydew which put me off also). Can’t go wrong with mango, right?

Upon closer glance, you can see the icing is not very good. It’s very ‘soft’ – but not the fluffy cloud soft, rather, the omg the cream is melting soft. Except it’s not really melting, it’s just not whipped or made properly.

A cross section of the cake shows two tremendously thin layers of sponge with grossly thick layers of mango mousse in between. At least it was mousse and not cream! The flavour of the mango was OK. I wished it did have actual mango pieces inside, which would’ve been super duper but that’s what you get for $18. The mousse itself was rather dense. A good mousse cake should have light airy mousse, but this seemed like it had too much gelatine and was slightly gluggy as a result.


Overall, it was worth a try. I really didn’t want to pay $34 for a breadtop cake butΒ after trying this one from Queen’s Bakery, I think I might stick to the classics, including Savoy in Burwood.

Since it’s not fair to judge a bakery on a cake alone (although cakes are a major part of what bakeries do, imo), I’ll mention that they also sell asian buns and sponge rolls. Their sponges and sponge rolls are really good (it’s just the cream that let’s them down). The buns are just really average and will satisfy any urgent cravings but not the most gourmet of sorts.

Queen's Bakery Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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