Yass Korean BBQ Buffet – Strathfield

Whilst there are 10+ Korean restaurant in Strathfield, Yass offers a bbq buffet for $34 per head. Having a Korean BBQ feast at a non-buffet restaurant is a sure way to go overboard on your wallet, especially since the meats are so expensive and the quantities are so small.



  • If you’re really hungry and just want to eat meat, here is your endless supply of meat, seafood and sides
  • If you’re craving Korean BBQ and don’t want the burden of deciding what to order, here is everything already out for you to decide as you eat
  • If you love Korean side dishes but have some shame asking the waitress to re-fill your side dishes more than once in a restaurant, here is an endless supply of classic sides including kimchi, sweet potato, fish cakes, chesnut cake etc.
  • BBQ items available:
    • bulgogi, spare ribs, wagyu, pork belly
    • calamari, octopus, prawns
    • pumpkin, onion, mushrooms
  • Other things in the buffet line include:
    • Takoyaki – octopus balls
    • ‘Spicy’ korean rice cakes (not that spicy)
    • Korean fried chicken wing and drumsticks
    • Sweet potato noodles
    • Sushi and Sashimi
    • Rice and rice water
    • Bulgogi
    • Salads
    • Ice-cream
    • Lamingtons
    • Sauces
  • Long tables and booths great for groups and gatherings
  • Service was great and they changed our bbq cook top around 3-4 times during the night


  • They don’t have fans directly above the BBQs so you might be breathing in a lot of smoke
  • The meats were quite chewy, which may be attributed to our cooking ability or the quality of the meats
  • Food was average and cooked foods in the buffet line will get less fresh as the night goes on if not refilled

You know, coming out of the restaurant, I didnt’ have a great impression of the food there. But upon writing this post and creating the list of positives and negatives, I realised that I was clouded by my own subjective opinion of personally not liking Korean BBQ that much. I think if you are a fan of Korean BBQ or just like the atmosphere it creates, the list of positives could outweigh the list of negatives and Yass may be a great option for your next dinner out!

Yass BBQ Buffet Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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