Wagaya – Haymarket, Sydney

Wagaya is an awesome restaurant to celebrate birthdays and gather with friends. They have a lot of booths for up to 8 people (10 if you squish), which gives the group some privacy but doesn’t completely close them off from the experience of dining in a restaurant with other customers. In each booth, there is a touch screen iPad to order your food and potentially go crazy because you’re having such a great time pressing the buttons. Another great feature of Wagaya are private rooms, which are on hire for a small sum of money, $10, I think.


It adds such a great feel to the dining experience because you feel like you’re sitting in a tradition Japanese dining room (except there’s secretly a hole under the table so you can sit normally without crossing your legs, I thought that was very clever πŸ˜‰ The annoying thing was the touch screen could not be moved, so only the people near the screen can view the menu and order.

The sushi here is wonderful – I highly recommend the seared scallop – could eat these all night! But for variety sake, we ordered a range of sushi dishes which all really impressed!


For a stand alone dish, the katsu curry is a classic and quite affordable too. Flavours, katsu and rice were all really satisfying.


I love a good Japanese salad and this included tofu, seawood and salad! The dressing was really nice and it’s a great way to start off a meal or cut through the grease.

In terms of shareable nibbles, they have a mochi pizza, which is very unusual but somehow magically works! It’s basically mochi (or sticky rice cake) on a pizza base, topped with chicken, mushrooms and plenty of cheese. The base itself seemed a bit cheap, like pita bread and the pizza itself was tiny but it certainly satisfied greasy cheese cravings.

The chicken karaage was as good as any. Crunchy, tasty and great to share but quick to go!

I still enjoy visiting Wagaya every now and then, not necessarily for the food, but for the whole experience (mind you, the food is great too).

WAGAYA Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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