Holy Duck! – Haymarket, Sydney

After unsuccessfully finding a table at Spice Alley, we ended up on the doorstep of neighbour restaurant Holy Duck, a newly opened restaurant and got ushered in by the friendly and persistent staff at the door.


The concept looked really promising, with the celebration around duck as a meat in modern cuisines. There also isn’t an asian restaurant that focuses specially on specialising in duck and the name and restaurant decor is attractive and a little bit quirky.

The menu appears vibrant and unique, incorporating modern flavours into traditional dishes. For example, I had the ‘Ducken Delicious Pancakes’ which had ‘orange hoisin sauce’. Naturally, orange and duck is a match made in heaven from the classic Duck L’orange, but this clever menu designer decided to introduce this combination to an asian classic.


For $5, you get these two entree sized pancake wraps. The orange hoisin sauce was quite dramatic in flavour and very much stood out. The way the wraps were put into a tiny holder made it very hard to take out without ruining or ripping the pancake. Once you get it out, you kind of have to eat in one go, which results in a tremendous amount of sauce. Other than that, it’s an interesting twist and worth a try. This combination can also be tried in the ‘What the Duck! Burger, which include practically the same ingredients between a bun instead of a mini pancake.

The ‘Porker Burger’ was another popular choice, with caramelised sweet n sticky bbq pork jowl, apple chutney, lettuce and coriander relish on a brioche bun with shoe strong fries. The fries were indeed very good because they were salted with … ‘Holy Duck! salt’ – we compared the taste to that of Chicken salt and I joked that it could’ve been duck salt, but hey, could be true).


The bun comes with a cute little duck stamped on the top. The flavours were pretty good! The one thing that caught a few of us off guard was the coriander relish, which was a tiny bit spicy and brought a distinct punch to the burger – you’ll either like it or not. The bun tastes better than it looks, it is actually quite buttery and dense, as opposed to dry and flaky.

Other popular dishes include the duck on rice with a nice drizzle of tasty oil, and the specialty roast ducks – which can come as a whole, half or quarter – great for sharing!

Holy Duck! is an ‘order at the counter and take a number to your table’ type service – is this the start of another institution? Only time will tell.

Holy Duck Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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