Bar Pho – Wintergarden, Sydney CBD

The main thing you’ll want to order at Bar Pho is their Master Beef pho. They offer this in 2 sizes – small for $9 and large for $12.50. Obviously go for the large, as I have seen the small bowl and it is super small, whilst the large bowl is normal sized, and quite honestly, is not very dense at all.


The pho soup is very distinct, with star anise and herbal flavours that aren’t very prevalent around (apparently its the North vs South Vietnamese distinction). I wasn’t used to this flavour so it was a bit surprising at first, but I gradually starting warming to it the more I ate.

There were too types of beef in the Master Beef pho – one of them was super tender and beautiful, the other was a bit tough and a big raw, having not cooked fully in the broth. I wish the whole thing could’ve been the first type of beef but alas.

Overall, Bar Pho is a great way to satisfy you’re pho/vietnamese cravings with a quick and tasty meal. There is definitely a distinct flavour and leaves you feeling warm and healthy, however, the portion sizes are a little small and the beef a little bit chewy.

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