Meat District Co. – King Street Wharf, Sydney

This restaurant has very modern and spacious interior and outdoor seating, facing the pretty Darling Harbour. Let’s get straight to the point. The atmosphere is wonderful and they have excellent $10 cocktails! However, the menu is quite limited and if you don’t fancy bread or meat then you’re gonna have a hard time choosing something to eat.

To taste the best of both worlds, I tried the Burger and Ribs combo – with a choice of the ‘Old Faithful Burger’ (i.e. Beef burger) or Grilled Chicken Burger and beef ribs and a choice of salad or fries. Last time I came here, I was able to change the default beef ribs to pork/lamb ribs. I tried to do the same today but when my order came, it came with grilled chicken burger and BEEF RIBS. I decided not to pursue it and to try it out!


I enjoyed the brioche burger bun, but it was very buttery. I enjoyed the grilled chicken, however there was a very strong cheeeeeese flavour, which came from the gorgonzola (a blue cheese) – tbh it was too much for me. The salad came with a light dressing. It was ok. the beef ribs … was quite tough. Not fall off the bone at all, on the contrary, pull off the bone with your teeth. There was a little bit of fat (as you can see on the two ribs from the left), which wasn’t too pleasant either. The ribs were disappointing, I must say (but I do remember the pork ribs being ok – not as good as hurricanes – and the lamb ribs being quite tender).


The Old Faithful burger is a great order for anyone who is undecided. It’s a basic beef burger and will do the job just fine in its petit form.

Thyme and Salt fries – really good!


I also managed to observe the surf n turf burger, which apparently contains chilli crab and prawns on a beef pattie. When it came, it was tiny and so were the prawns. They were the mini cocktail prawn type and at most there were two of them in the bun. There was also very little of the chilli crab. I don’t think the concept itself is very good.

Overall, I would recommend Meat District Co. as a great place to catch up with friends:

Positives: Great and cheap cocktails, location, atmosphere, old faithful burger, fries, attentive service

Negatives: A little bit pricey, beef ribs were tough

Meat District Co. Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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