Lan Yuan – Top Ryde

The best way I could describe Lan Yuan is like Chef’s Gallery (priced and modernised interior as such) but centred on traditional Cantonese Cuisine instead. The atmosphere is lovely – you’re basically walking into and dining in a bamboo forest with nice sturdy wooden furniture and classy matching oriental cutlery.

The dishes are presented in a sophisticated and elegant manner, however they are dishes that you would normally find in a local Chinese restaurant. Take the jellyfish, for example. The jellyfish itself was nice, plump and plentiful. However, when asked for what level of spiciness we wanted, we chose ‘numb spicy’, but when it came out it wasn’t exactly numb spicy – although still tasty!

Jellyfish with spicy seasoning

We also tried the ginger and shallot crab, which was seasoned and cooked well, although the crab was rather small. We tried the sliced beef, which came unexpectedly, as almost a ‘sweet n sour’ beef. Because I didn’t expected it, I wasn’t too happy with that – would’ve preferred to get the black pepper beef in that case. We also ordered the aussie scallops with snow peas and mushrooms. The scallops were salty af! So salty I couldn’t eat past the first one. The snowpeas and mushrooms were fine, though. The dish of the night, by far, was the spinach and mushroom stew. The spinach was so tender and the flavour of this dish was so mellow and declious that it went down beautifully with my bowl of rice.

The service here was attentive and professional. Some things you should know before you go: the tea is charged for, the rice is charged for, there’s no free fruit/dessert and … that’s about it! Great place to try if you’re sick of your local Chinese eateries, or if you’re trying to impress some guests with a really nice atmosphere and not having to feel the need to scoff down your food!

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