Cafe Ananas – Circular Quay, Sydney

Cafe Ananas is a French restaurant located in Circular Quay station and overlooks the train line, Sydney Harbour and the Harbour Bridge.


We were seated near the back of the restaurant, where a view of the Habour was pretty difficult to see. I did, however, manage to catch glimpses of the trains that were passing Circular Quay station and found that amusing.

I’d say the service was really friendly without being overly attentive. For entree, I tried the escargot and chicken liver parfait.

The escargot came in half a dozen, de-shelled and cooked in garlic butter and topped with a crisp dry pastry. The flavour of the snail was really good and the addition of the pastry made it feel like a canape dish. In comparison to The Little Snail, this was a much finer dish, but less flavoursome and lacked the novelty of pulling the snails out of their shell.

The chicken liver parfait was very light and mousse-like in texture. I think I would’ve preferred a pate instead. The flavours were there, though there was a strong taste of port. I really enjoyed the sweetness of the dates and cranberry sauce with the salty and rich flavour of the liver.

For mains, I tried the duck confit and the moules-frites.

First things first, pronounce moules-frites like ‘mool frit’ and don’t mistake the same embarrassing mistake that I did. Let’s start with the duck. It was great – tender, juicy and tasty. I couldn’t fault it except that I wanted more. The potato was also nice but needed salt.

As for the mussels and fries, I really enjoyed it. It was a generous serving of mussels cooked in a strong white wine and garlic butter broth (although I wouldn’t go drinking that, it was very salty). With a squeeze of lemon, this dish took me back to the streets of France.

For dessert, I tried the creme brûlée.


You can’t go wrong with a brulee! This one was sprinkled with sweet peanut crumble and topped with raspberry sorbet. The sorbet itself was great, because it refreshing and cut through the heavy meal you would’ve had thus far, as well as the creamy brulee. It had a rich vanilla flavour and smooth velvety texture, making it a perfect end to the meal.

I really enjoyed my meal at Cafe Ananas. Make sure you go in with an open mind and plenty of time to enjoy the whole experience.

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