About Us

It’s CAKe Time is a Sydney-based food blog run by three friends.

You don’t eat cake a lot. Why is your blog called “It’s CAKe time”?

The blog started with a mutual love for cake and evolved with a love of food and adventure. We also figured that eating cake all the time would not be great for our health. Conveniently, CAKe is also an acronym for our names…

C – Guess I’m first. Woohoo! Just in case you didn’t know, I live for food. Especially, free food. You know what’s even better? Free, good food. But … I guess that doesn’t really come by often so settling for just good food is also alright. My favourite food is ice-cream. I’m not even kidding. I could eat ice-cream any time of the day. I have yet to find my “most favourite flavour ever” though. I also enjoy Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Western. Oh yeah, I also have this thing for chocolate, pizza and McDonald’s french fries. They hold a special place in my heart stomach.

A – I genuinely feel that Sydney is one of the best cities in the world for food. Why? Because there is no dish that is actually ‘Australian’, we have embraced and perfected an array of cuisines from all over the world. This is why I have a growing list of things that I “need” (yes, it’s a necessity) to eat and I hope to tick them off one mouthful at a time. My favourite foods include hot chips, ice-cream and pho and tuna sushi.

K – During my spare time, I like to research new and interesting places to go to – from restaurants to street stalls – so I can personally experience them myself. Have I mentioned that I LOVE desserts? I guess having a massive sweet tooth is probably why I’m always up for desserts any time of the day. I mean, who wouldn’t like something sweet to brighten their day? Hmm, I also love fruits (which is a healthier alternative) so I guess that makes fruity desserts my ultimate favourite.

e – zzz


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