BóRN by Tapavino – Barangaroo, Sydney

Bórn by Tapavino is a new gen Spanish tapas restaurant located on the beautiful restaurant strip by the water in Barangaroo.  A meal here isn’t going to be friendly to your wallet, but the interesting menu will allow you to experience some new flavours and ingredients. The warm and inviting outdoor seating area creates a lovely casual ambience overlooking the wharf. It would be best … Continue reading BóRN by Tapavino – Barangaroo, Sydney

Restaurant Hubert – Sydney, CBD

Currently Sydney’s hottest ‘best-kept secret’, Hubert transports you back in time. Once we push through the giant doors and walk down a beautiful winding staircase, we step into a smoky candle-lit room lined with bottles of wines and spirits. A casual bar to the right, a classy dining room to the left. Just being here makes you excited for the experience to come!   *A/N: … Continue reading Restaurant Hubert – Sydney, CBD

El Camino Cantina – The Rocks, Sydney

What a great place to spend the evening with your friends, colleagues or fami- ok maybe not family. El Camino offers unlimited free corn chips n dips, delicious tacos and cheap and large margaritas during their happy hour ($7 from 5-7pm) in a lively and vibrant atmosphere. The usual menu offers classic, mango or strawberry frozen/on the rocks margaritas but they had a raspberry special … Continue reading El Camino Cantina – The Rocks, Sydney

Lucky Suzie – Darlinghurst

Review of Dinner at Lucky Suzie Firstly, who is Suzie? We don’t know. Secondly, why is she lucky? No idea. But we do know that Lucky Suzie is a non-traditional Malaysian restaurant/bar in Darlinghurst (i.e. the cooler part of Sydney). I tried four dishes that nice, plus a Wattle Cola (light cola with a lot of spices). To start off, I ordered the Bao Wow. … Continue reading Lucky Suzie – Darlinghurst

Bowery Lane – Sydney CBD

Review of Dinner Menu 2016 So long has this restaurant been on my to go list and it was so exciting to finally have a reservation there. I had heard so many good things about their breakfasts and brunches but I had the pleasure of tasting their dinner menu. It was a tiny bit of a challenge to find the entrance, even though the shopfront … Continue reading Bowery Lane – Sydney CBD

Fox & Ferret – Riccarton, Christchurch, New Zealand

The Top Line: Great vibes, warm atmosphere, the best staff and really really really good food (desserts are the bomb)! The Review: Long story short – came here for the stone grill, they ran out of stone grill (HOW CAN YOU RUN OUT OF STONE GRILLS ITS JUST MEAT AND A PIECE OF STONE!!) but nevertheless I loved it!!! We had to resort to their regular … Continue reading Fox & Ferret – Riccarton, Christchurch, New Zealand

One Tea Lounge & Grill – Wynyard, Sydney CBD

The Top Line: What do you get when you cross an asian bao, matcha and a burger? Meet the Baoger! Something a little different for a burger crazed city. The Review: These Baoger’s seemed a little small upon first glance, but the buns are incredibly dense and can fill you up quite well! The bun had a lovely tensile chew to it, and having it by … Continue reading One Tea Lounge & Grill – Wynyard, Sydney CBD