El Camino Cantina –

What a great place to spend the evening with your friends, colleagues or fami- ok maybe not family. El Camino offers unlimited free corn chips n dips, delicious tacos and cheap and large margaritas during their happy hour ($7 from 5-7pm) in a lively and vibrant atmosphere. The usual menu offers classic, mango or strawberry frozen/on the rocks margaritas but they had a raspberry special … Continue reading El Camino Cantina –

Lucky Suzie – Darlinghurst

Review of Dinner at Lucky Suzie Firstly, who is Suzie? We don’t know. Secondly, why is she lucky? No idea. But we do know that Lucky Suzie is a non-traditional Malaysian restaurant/bar in Darlinghurst (i.e. the cooler part of Sydney). I tried four dishes that nice, plus a Wattle Cola (light cola with a lot of spices). To start off, I ordered the Bao Wow. … Continue reading Lucky Suzie – Darlinghurst

Bowery Lane – Sydney CBD

Review of Dinner Menu 2016 So long has this restaurant been on my to go list and it was so exciting to finally have a reservation there. I had heard so many good things about their breakfasts and brunches but I had the pleasure of tasting their dinner menu. It was a tiny bit of a challenge to find the entrance, even though the shopfront … Continue reading Bowery Lane – Sydney CBD

Fox & Ferret – Riccarton, Christchurch, New Zealand

The Top Line: Great vibes, warm atmosphere, the best staff and really really really good food (desserts are the bomb)! The Review: Long story short – came here for the stone grill, they ran out of stone grill (HOW CAN YOU RUN OUT OF STONE GRILLS ITS JUST MEAT AND A PIECE OF STONE!!) but nevertheless I loved it!!! We had to resort to their regular … Continue reading Fox & Ferret – Riccarton, Christchurch, New Zealand

One Tea Lounge & Grill – Wynyard, Sydney CBD

The Top Line: What do you get when you cross an asian bao, matcha and a burger? Meet the Baoger! Something a little different for a burger crazed city. The Review: These Baoger’s seemed a little small upon first glance, but the buns are incredibly dense and can fill you up quite well! The bun had a lovely tensile chew to it, and having it by … Continue reading One Tea Lounge & Grill – Wynyard, Sydney CBD

Osaka Bar – Potts Point

The Top Line: A great place to catch up with a group of friends and a wide selection of Japanese drinks. The highlight of the food here was the variety and perfect balance of flavours in almost every dish. They do the sweet-salty-soy thing very well and there are certainly winning dishes (eggplant, confit duck) that I would dream about. The Review: Springfield Avenue is a … Continue reading Osaka Bar – Potts Point

El Bulli Spanish Tapas – Surry Hills

The Top Line: El bulli offers a nice variety of Spanish tapas with good flavours and decent portion sizes. I did have a great experience there with the atmosphere and service, but the food wasn’t exceptional so I probably wouldn’t go back. The Review: The interior of the restaurant was lovely, with cute decorations and paintings on the walls reminiscent of Spain, a dimly lit and cosy restaurant … Continue reading El Bulli Spanish Tapas – Surry Hills