Meat District Co. – King Street Wharf, Sydney

This restaurant has very modern and spacious interior and outdoor seating, facing the pretty Darling Harbour. Let’s get straight to the point. The atmosphere is wonderful and they have excellent $10 cocktails! However, the menu is quite limited and if you don’t fancy bread or meat then you’re gonna have a hard time choosing something to eat. To taste the best of both worlds, I … Continue reading Meat District Co. – King Street Wharf, Sydney

Royal Stacks – Chatswood

Another burger joint opens in Sydney but the appeal of Royal Stacks is its utterly royally named burgers, including ‘Prince Harry’, ‘The King’, ‘Miss Elizabeth’, ‘Queen Bee’ and ‘Bacon Bacon’? The King has a beautiful mac ‘n’ cheese croquette inside the burger. You can also order the mac n cheese croquette on its own for $3.50. If you wanted to see what it looked on … Continue reading Royal Stacks – Chatswood

Ume Burger – Barangaroo

Welcome to Ume burger in Baragaroo (just next to the iconic Belle’s hot chicken)! They only have 4 burger options on offer – beef, prawn katsu, pork katsue and vegetable patty. We opted to try the pork katsu “Menchi Burger” and the beef pattie “Ume Burger” for $14~ each. MENCHI BURGER This burger was THE BOMB. I thoroughly enjoyed it from the bread (brioche and … Continue reading Ume Burger – Barangaroo

Excelsior Jones – Ashfield

The top line: A cute cafe in the suburban streets. It’s slightly out of the way if you don’t live nearby – either a short bus ride (418) from Ashfield station or walk for ~20minutes. Would love to come back again. Wish I live in nearby or it’s located closer to the main streets of Ashfield though. The review: Arrived at 12pm and while it may … Continue reading Excelsior Jones – Ashfield