Mr Meng Chongqing Gourmet – Market City, Sydney

So excited to try the noodle shop of Meng Fei, the host of ‘If you are the one.’ Even though my tolerance for spicy food is pretty low, I was prepared to tank it to try his version of chongqing chilli noodles. Mr Meng’s is located on the top level of Market City in Haymarket, Sydney. The area across the room from the The Eight … Continue reading Mr Meng Chongqing Gourmet – Market City, Sydney

Mr Stonepot – Chatswood

Mr Stonepot, also known as Mr Stonebowl in other locations, is best described as a quirky and modern Chinese restaurant. The menu includes classics from all over China (not restricted to one particular region), like soup dumplings or ginger and shallot crab – even Singapore chilli crab. It also includes new takes on classic dishes that a Chinese grandpa would never have seen in his time. The … Continue reading Mr Stonepot – Chatswood

Vinh Phat – Cabramatta

Don’t let the lines turn you away – take it as confirmation of how good the place is. The line moves quite fast anyway and if you don’t like waiting just make sure you get there early. The restaurant itself is spacious and looks like a classic yum cha dining room. The food carts come around often, even for the corners of the room. If … Continue reading Vinh Phat – Cabramatta

Lan Yuan – Top Ryde

The best way I could describe Lan Yuan is like Chef’s Gallery (priced and modernised interior as such) but centred on traditional Cantonese Cuisine instead. The atmosphere is lovely – you’re basically walking into and dining in a bamboo forest with nice sturdy wooden furniture and classy matching oriental cutlery. The dishes are presented in a sophisticated and elegant manner, however they are dishes that … Continue reading Lan Yuan – Top Ryde

Holy Duck! – Haymarket, Sydney

After unsuccessfully finding a table at Spice Alley, we ended up on the doorstep of neighbour restaurant Holy Duck, a newly opened restaurant and got ushered in by the friendly and persistent staff at the door. The concept looked really promising, with the celebration around duck as a meat in modern cuisines. There also isn’t an asian restaurant that focuses specially on specialising in duck … Continue reading Holy Duck! – Haymarket, Sydney

Fortune Palace – Carlingford

Review of dinner at Fortune Palace in Carlingford Village. This canto restaurant would be considered by some to be an institution for yum cha and great family gatherings. It gets really busy on Friday to Sunday nights and you’ll often see 3 generations of a family around a big round table. The most popular dinner orders here will include seafood – crab, lobster, fish – for … Continue reading Fortune Palace – Carlingford

Old Town Hong Kong – Haymarket

I really enjoy the look of Old Town HK in Chinatown. It’s a great place to get all your dim sim / congee and classic hong kong dishes in a clean, roomy and authentic environment, without the rush of trolleys or shouting workers. Table service was fast and efficient. I ordered a preserved egg and pork congee because I recently had a wisdom tooth removed and … Continue reading Old Town Hong Kong – Haymarket