Munich Brauhaus – The Rocks, Sydney

Guten Abend! Let’s be real, German food isn’t going to be a fine gastronomical experience. It’s where you go for a hearty feed, luxurious carbs and protein and a great atmosphere (mostly fuelled by the enormous glasses of bier). If you’ve ever walked past The Rocks area in Sydney during the evening, you would have noticed how popular Munich Brauhaus (former Löwenbrau) is. And you … Continue reading Munich Brauhaus – The Rocks, Sydney

Palsaik – Sydney

Been here three times and the Kbbq has been solid on all occasions. They are especially known for their ‘8 flavours of pork belly’, which include miso, wine, garlic, original, herb, curry, ginseng and chilli. It’s an amazing feast for your eyes even before the feast for your belly begins. The menu is otherwise quite limited, a few hot pots, a few side dishes, a … Continue reading Palsaik – Sydney

BóRN by Tapavino – Barangaroo, Sydney

Bórn by Tapavino is a new gen Spanish tapas restaurant located on the beautiful restaurant strip by the water in Barangaroo.  A meal here isn’t going to be friendly to your wallet, but the interesting menu will allow you to experience some new flavours and ingredients. The warm and inviting outdoor seating area creates a lovely casual ambience overlooking the wharf. It would be best … Continue reading BóRN by Tapavino – Barangaroo, Sydney

Subsolo – Sydney CBD

  I was extremely excited to try Subsolo and potentially relieve some amazing memories of a previous trip in Spain. Some of my fondest memories were the mornings aboard a Renfe train with a diluted Spanish coffee con leche and croissant (and sometimes a fresh orange juice when it was a ‘treat yourself’ day), lunch times of a simple bocadillo with jamon, and those late late … Continue reading Subsolo – Sydney CBD

Cafe Ananas – Circular Quay, Sydney

Cafe Ananas is a French restaurant located in Circular Quay station and overlooks the train line, Sydney Harbour and the Harbour Bridge. We were seated near the back of the restaurant, where a view of the Habour was pretty difficult to see. I did, however, manage to catch glimpses of the trains that were passing Circular Quay station and found that amusing. I’d say the service … Continue reading Cafe Ananas – Circular Quay, Sydney

Fortune Palace – Carlingford

Review of dinner at Fortune Palace in Carlingford Village. This canto restaurant would be considered by some to be an institution for yum cha and great family gatherings. It gets really busy on Friday to Sunday nights and you’ll often see 3 generations of a family around a big round table. The most popular dinner orders here will include seafood – crab, lobster, fish – for … Continue reading Fortune Palace – Carlingford

Bowery Lane – Sydney CBD

Review of Dinner Menu 2016 So long has this restaurant been on my to go list and it was so exciting to finally have a reservation there. I had heard so many good things about their breakfasts and brunches but I had the pleasure of tasting their dinner menu. It was a tiny bit of a challenge to find the entrance, even though the shopfront … Continue reading Bowery Lane – Sydney CBD