Cafe Ananas – Circular Quay, Sydney

Cafe Ananas is a French restaurant located in Circular Quay station and overlooks the train line, Sydney Harbour and the Harbour Bridge. We were seated near the back of the restaurant, where a view of the Habour was pretty difficult to see. I did, however, manage to catch glimpses of the trains that were passing Circular Quay station and found that amusing. I’d say the service … Continue reading Cafe Ananas – Circular Quay, Sydney

Fortune Palace – Carlingford

Review of dinner at Fortune Palace in Carlingford Village. This canto restaurant would be considered by some to be an institution for yum cha and great family gatherings. It gets really busy on Friday to Sunday nights and you’ll often see 3 generations of a family around a big round table. The most popular dinner orders here will include seafood – crab, lobster, fish – for … Continue reading Fortune Palace – Carlingford

Bowery Lane – Sydney CBD

Review of Dinner Menu 2016 So long has this restaurant been on my to go list and it was so exciting to finally have a reservation there. I had heard so many good things about their breakfasts and brunches but I had the pleasure of tasting their dinner menu. It was a tiny bit of a challenge to find the entrance, even though the shopfront … Continue reading Bowery Lane – Sydney CBD

Fuhong BBQ Restaurant – Burwood

Fuhong in Burwood is one of my favourite restaurants to eat Chinese BBQ meats and rice, and I’ll tell you 5 reasons why 1. Free soup and tea – As soon as you sit down, a bowl of steaming pork bone, carrot and pear soup is brought over for the table and no matter how dodgy it looks, I also take comfort in that homely taste … Continue reading Fuhong BBQ Restaurant – Burwood

@itscaketime_ hits 400!

Hurruh! itscaketime has passed 400 followers on INSTAGRAM! Although 400 isn’t a lot by many standards, for us it’s a special milestone. The instagram and this food blog started simply because we love food as much as we love each other and we didn’t want the food to just go to our waist, we wanted to share it with the world as well, and to help … Continue reading @itscaketime_ hits 400!

Iron Chef Chinese Seafood Restaurant- Cabramatta

The Top Line: Price and food here is really reasonable and decent quality! Their yum cha is also pretty good. This is one of my to-go places for family yum cha and dinners. They have this really adhoc carpark out the back and its unmarked – never ceases to amaze me how orderly it always seems to be though. Unfortunately, I only have one photo to … Continue reading Iron Chef Chinese Seafood Restaurant- Cabramatta

Cyren Restaurant & Bar – Harbourside

The Top Line: Nice views + seafood platters = Yay! Second visit (12/10/2015) We came here for a birthday celebration! We ordered like three seafood platters and five lobster mornays. The seafood platters were good – I particularly liked the smoked salmon, but the prawns were also pretty fresh and ‘bouncy’. The bread that came with it was a bit meh though – I think … Continue reading Cyren Restaurant & Bar – Harbourside