Sake Jr – Sydney

Initially hesitant toward this concept, I decided to give it a try. It’s a ‘build your own bowl’ concept, which means the possibilities are endless! My bowl consisted of: Brown rice Chicken Bok Choy Corn Brussel Sprouts Seaweed Kim Chi Wasabi and Ginger Dressing The bowl which I received was actually incredibly heavy. I loved the fact that I could choose as many vegetables as … Continue reading Sake Jr – Sydney

Bar Pho – Wintergarden, Sydney CBD

The main thing you’ll want to order at Bar Pho is their Master Beef pho. They offer this in 2 sizes – small for $9 and large for $12.50. Obviously go for the large, as I have seen the small bowl and it is super small, whilst the large bowl is normal sized, and quite honestly, is not very dense at all. The pho soup … Continue reading Bar Pho – Wintergarden, Sydney CBD

Bekya – Gateway, Circular Quay

There’s been a lot of hype around circular quay ever since the brand new flashy food hub ‘Gateway’ opened. Despite boasting big names including Messina, Chat Thai, Din Tai Fung and Zumbo, I wanted to see what else was on offer. That’s when I came across Bekya for middle eastern food that is not kebab. They sell lunch boxes where you can choose a protein, … Continue reading Bekya – Gateway, Circular Quay

Chicken Institute – Surry Hills

Chicken Institute sounds like a fast food chain that sells buckets of chicken. In fact, it is a hip little restaurant with an interesting Korean/American influence, which also sells buckets of chicken! They have a wide variety of flavours including the Damn Good Fried Chicken (original); sticky; peri peri; garlic and peanut butter. I had tried the original, spicy, sticky and peanut butter. I found the … Continue reading Chicken Institute – Surry Hills

IKEA Restaurant – Rhodes

I remember the first time I tasted IKEA’s famous meatballs. I was 7 years old and they were so good that I begged my mum to buy a pack of frozen meatballs so we could make it at home. So we bought our frozen meatballs and powder to make the gravy… but it never tasted quite the same at home. Flash forward many years later and I’m back. … Continue reading IKEA Restaurant – Rhodes

Fuhong BBQ Restaurant – Burwood

Fuhong in Burwood is one of my favourite restaurants to eat Chinese BBQ meats and rice, and I’ll tell you 5 reasons why 1. Free soup and tea – As soon as you sit down, a bowl of steaming pork bone, carrot and pear soup is brought over for the table and no matter how dodgy it looks, I also take comfort in that homely taste … Continue reading Fuhong BBQ Restaurant – Burwood

Royal Stacks – Chatswood

Another burger joint opens in Sydney but the appeal of Royal Stacks is its utterly royally named burgers, including ‘Prince Harry’, ‘The King’, ‘Miss Elizabeth’, ‘Queen Bee’ and ‘Bacon Bacon’? The King has a beautiful mac ‘n’ cheese croquette inside the burger. You can also order the mac n cheese croquette on its own for $3.50. If you wanted to see what it looked on … Continue reading Royal Stacks – Chatswood