Mr Stonepot – Chatswood

Mr Stonepot, also known as Mr Stonebowl in other locations, is best described as a quirky and modern Chinese restaurant. The menu includes classics from all over China (not restricted to one particular region), like soup dumplings or ginger and shallot crab – even Singapore chilli crab. It also includes new takes on classic dishes that a Chinese grandpa would never have seen in his time. The … Continue reading Mr Stonepot – Chatswood

Fratelli Fresh – Bridge Street, Sydney

What a legend. I love Fratelli Fresh. For me, they have stand out pastas always cooked just right, generous portion size and excellent flavour. The basic spog bol was better than some fancy pastas in other restaurants and the lamb ragu was just luxurious. So many pieces of tender fall-apart slow cooked lamb, in a mellow tomato base – not too much watery sauce, but … Continue reading Fratelli Fresh – Bridge Street, Sydney

El Camino Cantina – The Rocks, Sydney

What a great place to spend the evening with your friends, colleagues or fami- ok maybe not family. El Camino offers unlimited free corn chips n dips, delicious tacos and cheap and large margaritas during their happy hour ($7 from 5-7pm) in a lively and vibrant atmosphere. The usual menu offers classic, mango or strawberry frozen/on the rocks margaritas but they had a raspberry special … Continue reading El Camino Cantina – The Rocks, Sydney

Yasaka Ramen – Sydney CBD

“Ramen is life” I’ve walked past Yasaka Ramen many times whilst in the city, wanting to go in on several occasions. It had appealed to me as an intimate ramen-focused restaurant that would produce quality ramen. Was I right? YES I WAS! I ordered the Yasaka Ramen (cause why would I not order the one with the same name as the restaurant?) with Tonkotsu Miso (the other … Continue reading Yasaka Ramen – Sydney CBD

Chef’s Gallery – Macquarie Centre

Came here for a birthday lunch and was pleasantly surprise with all the food. Despite the price being a little bit $$, I thought the quality and taste of each dish was great and walked away feeling like my money was well spent. I had a reservation for 12pm and even though the restaurant was quite empty at that time, it filled up very quickly … Continue reading Chef’s Gallery – Macquarie Centre

Royal Stacks – Chatswood

Another burger joint opens in Sydney but the appeal of Royal Stacks is its utterly royally named burgers, including ‘Prince Harry’, ‘The King’, ‘Miss Elizabeth’, ‘Queen Bee’ and ‘Bacon Bacon’? The King has a beautiful mac ‘n’ cheese croquette inside the burger. You can also order the mac n cheese croquette on its own for $3.50. If you wanted to see what it looked on … Continue reading Royal Stacks – Chatswood

Ume Burger – Barangaroo

Welcome to Ume burger in Baragaroo (just next to the iconic Belle’s hot chicken)! They only have 4 burger options on offer – beef, prawn katsu, pork katsue and vegetable patty. We opted to try the pork katsu “Menchi Burger” and the beef pattie “Ume Burger” for $14~ each. MENCHI BURGER This burger was THE BOMB. I thoroughly enjoyed it from the bread (brioche and … Continue reading Ume Burger – Barangaroo