Fratelli Fresh – Bridge Street, Sydney

What a legend. I love Fratelli Fresh. For me, they have stand out pastas always cooked just right, generous portion size and excellent flavour. The basic spog bol was better than some fancy pastas in other restaurants and the lamb ragu was just luxurious. So many pieces of tender fall-apart slow cooked lamb, in a mellow tomato base – not too much watery sauce, but … Continue reading Fratelli Fresh – Bridge Street, Sydney

Lan Yuan – Top Ryde

The best way I could describe Lan Yuan is like Chef’s Gallery (priced and modernised interior as such) but centred on traditional Cantonese Cuisine instead. The atmosphere is lovely – you’re basically walking into and dining in a bamboo forest with nice sturdy wooden furniture and classy matching oriental cutlery. The dishes are presented in a sophisticated and elegant manner, however they are dishes that … Continue reading Lan Yuan – Top Ryde

El Camino Cantina –

What a great place to spend the evening with your friends, colleagues or fami- ok maybe not family. El Camino offers unlimited free corn chips n dips, delicious tacos and cheap and large margaritas during their happy hour ($7 from 5-7pm) in a lively and vibrant atmosphere. The usual menu offers classic, mango or strawberry frozen/on the rocks margaritas but they had a raspberry special … Continue reading El Camino Cantina –

Wagaya – Haymarket, Sydney

Wagaya is an awesome restaurant to celebrate birthdays and gather with friends. They have a lot of booths for up to 8 people (10 if you squish), which gives the group some privacy but doesn’t completely close them off from the experience of dining in a restaurant with other customers. In each booth, there is a touch screen iPad to order your food and potentially … Continue reading Wagaya – Haymarket, Sydney

Yass Korean BBQ Buffet – Strathfield

Whilst there are 10+ Korean restaurant in Strathfield, Yass offers a bbq buffet for $34 per head. Having a Korean BBQ feast at aΒ non-buffet restaurant is a sure way to go overboard on your wallet, especially since the meats are so expensive and the quantities are so small. Positives: If you’re really hungry and just want to eat meat, here is your endless supply of … Continue reading Yass Korean BBQ Buffet – Strathfield

Cafe D’or – Burwood

Review of Lunch at Cafe D’Or on Burwood Road, Burwood Been here twice and left on both occasionsΒ full and happy because the food is just yummy. It’s not groundbreaking masterchef quality but it is hearty and packed with a lot of flavour and variety. Lunch times were not too busy and seating is spacious with indoor and outdoor options and plenty of room for large … Continue reading Cafe D’or – Burwood

Cyren Restaurant & Bar – Harbourside

The Top Line: Nice views + seafood platters = Yay! Second visit (12/10/2015) We came here for a birthday celebration! We ordered like three seafood platters and five lobster mornays. The seafood platters were good – I particularly liked the smoked salmon, but the prawns were also pretty fresh and ‘bouncy’. The bread that came with it was a bit meh though – I think … Continue reading Cyren Restaurant & Bar – Harbourside