Meat District Co. – King Street Wharf, Sydney

This restaurant has very modern and spacious interior and outdoor seating, facing the pretty Darling Harbour. Let’s get straight to the point. The atmosphere is wonderful and they have excellent $10 cocktails! However, the menu is quite limited and if you don’t fancy bread or meat then you’re gonna have a hard time choosing something to eat. To taste the best of both worlds, I … Continue reading Meat District Co. – King Street Wharf, Sydney

IKEA Restaurant – Rhodes

I remember the first time I tasted IKEA’s famous meatballs. I was 7 years old and they were so good that I begged my mum to buy a pack of frozen meatballs so we could make it at home. So we bought our frozen meatballs and powder to make the gravy… but it never tasted quite the same at home. Flash forward many years later and I’m back. … Continue reading IKEA Restaurant – Rhodes

Essen Bier Cafe – Ultimo

The Top Line: The atmosphere is quite bustling and loud, the servings are quite huge, the wooden interior and glass panes make you feel like you’re in a snow cottage, the bier list is quite extensive … Essen is just a little bit German 🙂 The Review:  I like my hearty German food – the Schnitzels, Sauerkraut, Kartoffel variations and pork pork pork! But I don’t … Continue reading Essen Bier Cafe – Ultimo