Zeus Street Greek – Broadway, Sydney

Zeus Street Greek makes Greek food accessible, quick and delicious! If you’re in a hurry, or just want a quick meal for one then grab a pita wrap but if you’ve got a bit more time, I highly recommend the Spartan Box or Feast for 2. We opted for a Feast for 2 (between three people – shh, don’t tell them!). It comes with a … Continue reading Zeus Street Greek – Broadway, Sydney

Holy Duck! – Haymarket, Sydney

After unsuccessfully finding a table at Spice Alley, we ended up on the doorstep of neighbour restaurant Holy Duck, a newly opened restaurant and got ushered in by the friendly and persistent staff at the door. The concept looked really promising, with the celebration around duck as a meat in modern cuisines. There also isn’t an asian restaurant that focuses specially on specialising in duck … Continue reading Holy Duck! – Haymarket, Sydney

Wagaya – Haymarket, Sydney

Wagaya is an awesome restaurant to celebrate birthdays and gather with friends. They have a lot of booths for up to 8 people (10 if you squish), which gives the group some privacy but doesn’t completely close them off from the experience of dining in a restaurant with other customers. In each booth, there is a touch screen iPad to order your food and potentially … Continue reading Wagaya – Haymarket, Sydney

Koi Dessert Bar – Chippendale, Sydney

Review of 4-course dessert set menu $65pp – Winter 2016 I was so excited walking towards Koi. I felt like a kid going to a candy shop, except this candy shop was an expensive gourmet dessert bar and I forget that I could not longer eat a series of sweet things without feeling guilty/sick (although I had full trust in Reynold that he would foresee … Continue reading Koi Dessert Bar – Chippendale, Sydney

Three Williams – Redfern, Sydney

The Top Line: A good solid breakfast spot in Redfern with heaps of spacious seating down in the dungeon (it was a rather warm and cosy dungeon) with plenty of fun for the whole family .. in the form of a blackboard, HEHE ^_^ It is on the $$$ side for breakfast ($70 for three people … maccas instead, anyone?), but you get what you … Continue reading Three Williams – Redfern, Sydney

Est. Restaurant – Wynyard, Sydney CBD

The Top Line: Contemporary fine dining. The food here is worth every cent – from the bread to the butter, the entree to the desserts. It’s a two hatted restaurant from the 2016 Good Food Guide, but I reckon the only thing that has stopped it being three hats is the lack of harbour view… in saying that, I was staring at the food (and … Continue reading Est. Restaurant – Wynyard, Sydney CBD

Din Tai Fung – Chatswood

The Top Line: DTF is an institution, and specialise in the xiao long bao. So I would only ever go there to eat xiao long bao, which is basically the only thing worth trying there! The Review: After visiting DTF for the fourth time (twice in Taiwan and once in World Square) it just hit me like a smack in the face – This was … Continue reading Din Tai Fung – Chatswood