Lan Yuan – Top Ryde

The best way I could describe Lan Yuan is like Chef’s Gallery (priced and modernised interior as such) but centred on traditional Cantonese Cuisine instead. The atmosphere is lovely – you’re basically walking into and dining in a bamboo forest with nice sturdy wooden furniture and classy matching oriental cutlery. The dishes are presented in a sophisticated and elegant manner, however they are dishes that … Continue reading Lan Yuan – Top Ryde

Schnitz – Top Ryde

The Top Line: Schnitz will offer a good standard schnitzel, but the best parts were the sides. They had really nice salads and amazing thick cut fries! This is a great option for a quick lunch or takeaway at an affordable price! The Review: Schnitz is sort of an institution in Melbourne and has recently opened up three stores in Sydney. It focuses on the humble schnitzel in 4 … Continue reading Schnitz – Top Ryde