Munich Brauhaus – The Rocks, Sydney

Guten Abend! Let’s be real, German food isn’t going to be a fine gastronomical experience. It’s where you go for a hearty feed, luxurious carbs and protein and a great atmosphere (mostly fuelled by the enormous glasses of bier). If you’ve ever walked past The Rocks area in Sydney during the evening, you would have noticed how popular Munich Brauhaus (former Löwenbrau) is. And you … Continue reading Munich Brauhaus – The Rocks, Sydney

Left of Field – Rhodes

Left of Field (LOF) is the epitome of brunch. The cafe is situated right beside the beautiful water’s edge of Parramatta River, just off the newly constructed Bennelong Bridge connecting Rhodes to Wentworth Point. There is a lovely outdoor seating area where you can enjoy the morning sun and fresh air, while admiring the sparkling new apartments that keep popping up in Rhodes. The menu … Continue reading Left of Field – Rhodes

Fusion – Eastwood

I love Fusion! It’s an authentic Hong Kong cafe and one of my go-to restaurants in this area. The casual vibe is perfect for hanging out with friends and very appropriate for family dinners. I like it because of its versatility and because there’s always something for whatever mood I’m in and whatever time of day it is. If I feel pretty full already, I … Continue reading Fusion – Eastwood

Mango Tree Thai – Eastwood

Mango Tree really was surprisingly good! I had my initial hesitations because this used to be a Japanese restaurant and karaoke bar and one day, it suddenly transformed into a Thai restaurant … and the karaoke bar was still there. But that’s fine, let’s not judge a restaurant based on its past. We enjoyed a $49 set menu, recommended for 2-3 people, which included an … Continue reading Mango Tree Thai – Eastwood

Vinh Phat – Cabramatta

Don’t let the lines turn you away – take it as confirmation of how good the place is. The line moves quite fast anyway and if you don’t like waiting just make sure you get there early. The restaurant itself is spacious and looks like a classic yum cha dining room. The food carts come around often, even for the corners of the room. If … Continue reading Vinh Phat – Cabramatta

Restaurant Hubert – Sydney, CBD

Currently Sydney’s hottest ‘best-kept secret’, Hubert transports you back in time. Once we push through the giant doors and walk down a beautiful winding staircase, we step into a smoky candle-lit room lined with bottles of wines and spirits. A casual bar to the right, a classy dining room to the left. Just being here makes you excited for the experience to come!   *A/N: … Continue reading Restaurant Hubert – Sydney, CBD