Bar Pho – Wintergarden, Sydney CBD

The main thing you’ll want to order at Bar Pho is their Master Beef pho. They offer this in 2 sizes – small for $9 and large for $12.50. Obviously go for the large, as I have seen the small bowl and it is super small, whilst the large bowl is normal sized, and quite honestly, is not very dense at all. The pho soup … Continue reading Bar Pho – Wintergarden, Sydney CBD

Holy Duck! – Haymarket, Sydney

After unsuccessfully finding a table at Spice Alley, we ended up on the doorstep of neighbour restaurant Holy Duck, a newly opened restaurant and got ushered in by the friendly and persistent staff at the door. The concept looked really promising, with the celebration around duck as a meat in modern cuisines. There also isn’t an asian restaurant that focuses specially on specialising in duck … Continue reading Holy Duck! – Haymarket, Sydney

Wagaya – Haymarket, Sydney

Wagaya is an awesome restaurant to celebrate birthdays and gather with friends. They have a lot of booths for up to 8 people (10 if you squish), which gives the group some privacy but doesn’t completely close them off from the experience of dining in a restaurant with other customers. In each booth, there is a touch screen iPad to order your food and potentially … Continue reading Wagaya – Haymarket, Sydney

Fortune Palace – Carlingford

Review of dinner at Fortune Palace in Carlingford Village. This canto restaurant would beΒ considered by some to be an institution for yum cha and great family gatherings. It gets really busy on Friday to Sunday nights and you’ll often see 3 generations of a family around a big round table. The most popular dinner orders here will include seafood – crab, lobster, fish – for … Continue reading Fortune Palace – Carlingford

Yass Korean BBQ Buffet – Strathfield

Whilst there are 10+ Korean restaurant in Strathfield, Yass offers a bbq buffet for $34 per head. Having a Korean BBQ feast at aΒ non-buffet restaurant is a sure way to go overboard on your wallet, especially since the meats are so expensive and the quantities are so small. Positives: If you’re really hungry and just want to eat meat, here is your endless supply of … Continue reading Yass Korean BBQ Buffet – Strathfield

Queen’s Bakery – Eastwood

Are you in need of a birthday cake? Are you sick of getting the same old cake every year? (Not BreadTop again, *groan*) Well .. Queen’s Bakery does provide really affordable Asian cake options – butΒ I still can’t recommend it as a place to get a cake for someone you care about. Firstly, it looks OK (I personally would not have put the strawberry/blueberry combination … Continue reading Queen’s Bakery – Eastwood