The Muglan – Sydney CBD

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The Top Line: Take a break away from the city, take a break from conventional restaurants and cuisines! Try out this lovely humble Nepalese restaurant in the heart of Sydney. It’s full of spice, depth of flavours, spice and everything nice!

Welcome to the Muglan


The whole restaurant is dimly lit with warm colours and dark wooden tables, creating an ambience of a nice, quiet dinner. The menu is extensive in its curry dishes with traditional names!

The Muglan – Nepalese Cuisine


We started off with some Steamed Momo (Chicken) – which is basically like a dumping (more on the Gyoza texture) which tensile skin, filled with chicken and spices! The tomato chutney on the side was slightly tangy and spicy, which really gives the MoMo a little ‘zing’!

Steam Chicken MoMo ($8.90) with Tomato Chutney

For the mains, they are most notably known for the Goat Curry.

Pulau Rice ($4.50), Nepal Goat Curry ($19.90), Chyau Ra Kerau Tarkari ($16.90), Butter Naan ($3.00)

Pulau Rice: Uses long grain rice and is fragrant with a mix of spices. Perfect compliment to curries, or just by itself … because we’ve all had enough of plain white rice, right?

Butter Naan: Cooked in a clay oven, the butter aroma was soooo nice and comforting when it was brought out on to the table. I love using naan to dip in curries and sauces.

Goat Curry: Being a Muglan house dish, you expect it to impress. The goat was boneless and slow cooked in fenugreek, cinnamon, tomato, coriander and bay leaves – allowing the aromas to soak into the tender meat of the goat, creating a thick and mild curry that warms up your heart.

Chyau Ra Kerau Tarkari: This is a sautee of tomato and onion with mushrooms and peas as the heroes of the dish. To be honest, the mushrooms seemed like button mushrooms from a tin and the peas seemed like frozen peas. But they could’ve been fresh! I didn’t really mind because mushroom and peas are some of my favourite vegetables anyway! The flavours were actually a lot more sharp and spicy than the goat curry! In fact, I used the goat curry as a break for my palette from this one.

Overall a really special find offering great flavours from an underrated cuisine. The food was comforting and of good quality, the staff were friendly and attentive and service was fast!



Location: 116 Liverpool Street, Sydney NSW


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