Ho Jiak – Haymarket, Sydney

I accidentally stumbled upon Ho Jiak in Haymarket one evening and, having been to the one in Strathfield before, I decided to eat there in the hopes of having some cheap and tasty Malaysian street food. I was completely surprised when I walked through the door. I felt like I was transported to Malaysia with the colourful decorations, golden cutlery and market-like kitchen and drinks … Continue reading Ho Jiak – Haymarket, Sydney

Munich Brauhaus – The Rocks, Sydney

Guten Abend! Let’s be real, German food isn’t going to be a fine gastronomical experience. It’s where you go for a hearty feed, luxurious carbs and protein and a great atmosphere (mostly fuelled by the enormous glasses of bier). If you’ve ever walked past The Rocks area in Sydney during the evening, you would have noticed how popular Munich Brauhaus (former Löwenbrau) is. And you … Continue reading Munich Brauhaus – The Rocks, Sydney

Mr Meng Chongqing Gourmet – Market City, Sydney

So excited to try the noodle shop of Meng Fei, the host of ‘If you are the one.’ Even though my tolerance for spicy food is pretty low, I was prepared to tank it to try his version of chongqing chilli noodles. Mr Meng’s is located on the top level of Market City in Haymarket, Sydney. The area across the room from the The Eight … Continue reading Mr Meng Chongqing Gourmet – Market City, Sydney

Charlie Rabbit Dessert Bar – Capitol Square, Sydney

  What are your options if you find yourself near Central station and feel like dessert? You could try this cute dessert/cafe on the ground floor of Capitol Square (otherwise known as the land of photo-booths and claw machines). The large selection of pure and simple flavours, without all those bits and pieces. I especially enjoyed the smooth texture of the Japanese Green Tea, Thai … Continue reading Charlie Rabbit Dessert Bar – Capitol Square, Sydney

Palsaik – Sydney

Been here three times and the Kbbq has been solid on all occasions. They are especially known for their ‘8 flavours of pork belly’, which include miso, wine, garlic, original, herb, curry, ginseng and chilli. It’s an amazing feast for your eyes even before the feast for your belly begins. The menu is otherwise quite limited, a few hot pots, a few side dishes, a … Continue reading Palsaik – Sydney

Mr Stonepot – Chatswood

Mr Stonepot, also known as Mr Stonebowl in other locations, is best described as a quirky and modern Chinese restaurant. The menu includes classics from all over China (not restricted to one particular region), like soup dumplings or ginger and shallot crab – even Singapore chilli crab. It also includes new takes on classic dishes that a Chinese grandpa would never have seen in his time. The … Continue reading Mr Stonepot – Chatswood

BóRN by Tapavino – Barangaroo, Sydney

Bórn by Tapavino is a new gen Spanish tapas restaurant located on the beautiful restaurant strip by the water in Barangaroo.  A meal here isn’t going to be friendly to your wallet, but the interesting menu will allow you to experience some new flavours and ingredients. The warm and inviting outdoor seating area creates a lovely casual ambience overlooking the wharf. It would be best … Continue reading BóRN by Tapavino – Barangaroo, Sydney