Fratelli Fresh – Bridge Street, Sydney

What a legend. I love Fratelli Fresh. For me, they have stand out pastas always cooked just right, generous portion size and excellent flavour. The basic spog bol was better than some fancy pastas in other restaurants and the lamb ragu was just luxurious. So many pieces of tender fall-apart slow cooked lamb, in a mellow tomato base – not too much watery sauce, but … Continue reading Fratelli Fresh – Bridge Street, Sydney

El Camino Cantina –

What a great place to spend the evening with your friends, colleagues or fami- ok maybe not family. El Camino offers unlimited free corn chips n dips, delicious tacos and cheap and large margaritas during their happy hour ($7 from 5-7pm) in a lively and vibrant atmosphere. The usual menu offers classic, mango or strawberry frozen/on the rocks margaritas but they had a raspberry special … Continue reading El Camino Cantina –

Zeus Street Greek – Broadway, Sydney

Zeus Street Greek makes Greek food accessible, quick and delicious! If you’re in a hurry, or just want a quick meal for one then grab a pita wrap but if you’ve got a bit more time, I highly recommend the Spartan Box or Feast for 2. We opted for a Feast for 2 (between three people – shh, don’t tell them!). It comes with a … Continue reading Zeus Street Greek – Broadway, Sydney

Bar Pho – Wintergarden, Sydney CBD

The main thing you’ll want to order at Bar Pho is their Master Beef pho. They offer this in 2 sizes – small for $9 and large for $12.50. Obviously go for the large, as I have seen the small bowl and it is super small, whilst the large bowl is normal sized, and quite honestly, is not very dense at all. The pho soup … Continue reading Bar Pho – Wintergarden, Sydney CBD

Holy Duck! – Haymarket, Sydney

After unsuccessfully finding a table at Spice Alley, we ended up on the doorstep of neighbour restaurant Holy Duck, a newly opened restaurant and got ushered in by the friendly and persistent staff at the door. The concept looked really promising, with the celebration around duck as a meat in modern cuisines. There also isn’t an asian restaurant that focuses specially on specialising in duck … Continue reading Holy Duck! – Haymarket, Sydney

Lucky Suzie – Darlinghurst

Review of Dinner at Lucky Suzie Firstly, who is Suzie? We don’t know. Secondly, why is she lucky? No idea. But we do know that Lucky Suzie is a non-traditional Malaysian restaurant/bar in Darlinghurst (i.e. the cooler part of Sydney). I tried four dishes that nice, plus a Wattle Cola (light cola with a lot of spices). To start off, I ordered the Bao Wow. … Continue reading Lucky Suzie – Darlinghurst

Bills – Surry Hills, Sydney

Review of Breakfast & Dinner at Bills in Surry Hills The first time I saw a Bills restaurant was actually in Hawaii, and before that I had never heard of the Bills institution before (I may be in the minority there). But upon doing more research, I discovered how big Bills actually was and it shot straight to the top of my list of ‘food … Continue reading Bills – Surry Hills, Sydney